Sun World Theme Park Halong Bay

Sun World Theme Park  Halong Bay
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This was like a dream come true the day we visited Sun Dragon. We spent most of a day there and we only saw one other couple in the whole day. I was on roller coasters by myself and they would ask, Go again? Keep it coming! I went on one ride about 8 times in a row until I couldn’t feel the blood in my feet anymore

There is 2 parts to Sun Dragon. The main theme park & then you can catch the cable car across the ocean up the mountain. On the other side, they have a bobsled/ Roller coaster style ride that you can slide down the side of a mountain controlling the breaks of how fast you go as well as a massive Ferris-wheel which overlooks the cable cars and coastline. The bobsled ride is pretty intense and first time felt like was gonna come off because was going to fast. But I survived! I defiantly recommend it for the thrill seeker.


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Looking Around The Park

My Lonely Rides

The other side & getting there

Getting to Sunworld Halong Bay


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