Gusti Yogi Bali Driver Recommendation

Gusti Yogi Bali Driver Recommendation
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Anyone who goes to Bali often tends to become friends with a driver always recommending them to their friends.
Today it’s my turn. Meet Yogi also known as Gusti
Gusti Yogi now runs a family business called Bali Driver Recommendation

Me, Yogi & Sean
Me, Yogi, Sean

I met Yogi as a Bali driver about 7 years ago after my 3rd trip to Bali. I have used him well over 30 times now and can not recommend him highly enough. I first met him when he was contracting to another company. But in the last few years, he has managed to start his own driving company where he employs his other family members. My last trip to Bali, Yogi was busy with another customer and arranged for his cousin to take us. I knew I was in safe hands and was a perfect 3 days of adventure!


I have always found Yogi’s prices to be very fair. Please discuss with him directly about what you wish to do, As I don’t want to give wrong information.

Someone you can trust!

Mr Yogi has always been honest and trustworthy I feel incredibly safe when he is driving. If there is a problem he will sort it out.

I consider him a good friend now. I wish him well for his future ventures and hope you choose his company on your next Bali holiday

Contact Information

Yogi aka Gusti From Bali Driver Recommendation +62-812-3966-2306

Click Here For His Trip Advisor!

I find the best method is via Whatsapp (if you don’t have a local sim card/Not in Bali)
If you don’t know what Whatsapp is Ill explain.
1. Download Whatsapp on your Android or Apple Phone.
2. Save this phone number as a contact +62 812-3966-2306 “Yogi Bali’s Best Driver”
(don’t forget the plus or may not work)
3. Open whats app and set up with your number.
4. You can now send text messages to any contacts in your phone with WhatsApp for free over the internet. People with whats app will only show up in-app

Pantai Pandawa Look out with  Gusti Yogi and Sean
Pantai Pandawa Look out with  Gusti Yogi and Sean
Pantai Pandawa Lookout

A lookout Yogi found on way back from Lovina
Sunset at Tannalot Temple with Gusti Driver Recommendation
Sunset near Thannalot

Cars Available

With Gusti Yogi from Bali Driver Recommendation, you will get a clean and comfortable vehicle for your day trips in Bali

Yogi Driver Recommendations in Balis vechiles available to hire


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