Avoid Bali Belly & Travelers Diarrhea This Holiday

Avoid Bali Belly & Travelers Diarrhea This Holiday

I have tried a lot of different things to try avoid getting the Mexican rumbles, Bali Belly, Delhi Belly. From yogurt daily prior traveling to the expensive probiotics from the fridge in the pharmacy. The one thing I have learnt is you just cant be to careful and its easier to prevent it happening than ruining a day or a week staying close to a toilet. Believe me I have had some terrible problems over the years one time ending up in hospital due to bad food poisoning. Its the last way you want to spend your holiday.

If I told you there was a prevention that works that has been scientifically proven and I swear by them also. Well your in luck! There is as long as your not vegan or allergic to milk based/lactose products. Claiming up to 90% prevention. Made right here in Australia

It works that well that the US government has supplied it to there overseas government workers as they have found its cheaper to prevent sickness than treat it.

It is a simple as taking 1 tablet just before you eat, up to 3 times a day. 1 pack lasting you at least 10 days as there is 30 tablet.

I’m no scientist so you can read all that information on there website on the magic pill, just know from me it works and their claim is reduces chances of diarrhea-causing bacteria like E.Coli up to 90%. Best of all they will ship it to you so you don’t need to get of the couch just yet. Maybe in a few days when it arrives 🙂

Enjoy exploring the wonderful sites! Not the terrible bathrooms 🙂

This is a sponsored post. I do honestly use this product and believe in this product. To understand more about sponsored posts click here

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