About Us

About Us

Hey There,
My name is Patrick and to the right is the missus, Luna.

First of thank you for visiting our blog.

What to expect from here

We are not another sell all your belongings and live free blog. We are about finding Budget Luxury, Quirky and unusual hotels. Our general rule for south east asia is under A$50 a night or in Thailand under 1000 Baht a night. Sometimes we go over, A lot of the time under. We do stay in backpackers occasionally to. But unless it was the best backpackers or offered something special or unusual, you wont find it here.

What else you gonna show us?

Well i’m glad you asked! We love to party! We are going to show you the best streets, areas, clubs and bars around. Sure every one knows Khaosan Road but there’s a lot that get overlooked. There’s gonna be all sorts. Just you wait and see!

and dennn..

No an den! We love food. Yes most people do. We are both working chefs who are looking for something new from the western world. We hope to be able to bring you some flavors to spice up your life. But all in good time my fellow friend.

No an den?

Ok 1 more. So we also will be doing a lot of theme parks, pinball parlous, Tourist attractions with well looked after animals if they are not all hell is gonna break loose. Im also going to let you know of the scams to watch out for and the best ways to save money whilst traveling abroad.

Who is Patrick?

I am a chef who works night shift who’s main job is to bake cakes, breads and cook food to order for the staff of company I contract to. I have a unique roster of 21 days of work where I work 12hours+ every day without a day of. With the benefit of having the following 21 days off site. I have worked as a chef my whole working career from the age of 14 where I started out working in a pizza shop. My main passions in life is traveling, food from different cultures, pinball machines I currently own 4, as well as sampling the finest ales of the world. Which if you follow our journey you will get to experience and hopefully try yourself one day.

What about Luna?

Luna has a massive heart and is loved by our 12 rescue street cats and 3 dogs. She also works looking after dogs at doggy day care for people who have gone on holidays or returned to their homeland for some time.
She also does freelance translation work from Thai to English and has worked in the traditional Thai tattoo industry for many years.

You have how many cats?

At writing 12. The cats have there own house, The cat house. You can meet our family and have a bio of them and how they came into our possession. We hope to eventually set up a live stream of the cat house so we can still spend time with them when abroad and share with our readers and friends. Also check out The Pooches for our other four legged friends

What are you doing?

We have been traveling together most of my breaks since 2017 which so far has been most of South East Asia and Australia. Our blog is going to have a lot more information on Thailand & Australia although will include a lot of SE asia and some of Europe/USA as we slowly can get over there for my break periods. We’re not sparked an interest yet for African or Arab countries yet.. But maybe one day….

And before you met?

Before I met Luna, I had traveled to Bali too many times to remember, Thailand a few times. I done a 3 month trip which was supposed to be a “move to Canada and work holiday.” As a chef the money was shit and I got bored being offered $5-$7 a hour jobs so I blew all the money I had and partied. Which included San Francisco, Alot of Canada where I met a couple of English travelers and we where talking about Scarface and how he hated octopus from being in Cuba. Next thing we are in Mexico for a week of Spring Break then Flew to Cuba. Random! Other than that I had done North to south Vietnam over 3 weeks.

Enough about you what about Luna

Luna has been few places in Europe, Such as Switzerland, Germany that I can remember her talking about. Also Bali, Laos and a lot of Thailand well probably because she is from Thailand.

Why a blog?

The main reason we started this blog is friends of ours where looking for places we have been in the past but Facebook is not the easiest to navigate when looking over a period of time. So over the coming months I will be updating the posts of our previous travels as well as our current

Your not monkeys, Why are you called that

Oh so you are wondering, Why Traveling Monkies?
We came up with the name as we are always getting up to mischief and never stay still, always on an adventure or out experiencing the nightlife of where ever we end up. We also hate 12pm checkout so we often book an extra night last minute

Patrick, Luna… Who’s the 3rd monkey?

You have a lot of questions! The 3rd monkey? That’s my buddy Sean, you will see him pop up quite a bit. He works the same as me and has the same time off, So we often just travel the same places. Sean is know as a amazing dancer, Although he may try tell you he is now retired dancer but get him started and he wont stop. Sean’s other talents include Karaoke and finding me like a homing pigeon. If you are still reading now I’m proud of you. Welcome once again to our site and I hope you find some interesting things to add to your journey!

Me, Luna, Lunas Son Q, Sean, white water rafting guide. A funny story here but you’ll have to read about it in the rafting post

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