Best Nasi Campur – Yulia’s Kitchen – Kuta – Bali

Best Nasi Campur – Yulia’s Kitchen – Kuta – Bali
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Every time I get to Bali ill generally stay in Kuta the first few nights to be close to the nightlife. The first place I will stop after dropping my bags at the hotel is Yulia’s Kitchen for the best Nasi Campur in Bali.

Indonesians pronounce C as Ch so pronounced Champur

If you think you know of a better one in Bali or SE Asia please do leave a comment as would love to try!


Nasi campur literally means mixed rice.
Nasi(rice) campur(mixed)

What is it

As I have found out there is no certain thing nasi campur is going to be. Other than its going to have white rice. Along with rice you will have small portions of other dishes which could be fried prawns, eggs, penuts, all of which meats & vegetables depending on the location and vendor. At a local vendor I have had just one dish with a prawn cracker.

Origin of Nasi Campur

Nasi campur comes from Indonesia and is commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand and Brunei. It is a staple meal for Indonesians

Hotel Available Behind Restaurant

They also have accommodation just behind. We have stayed there before. Our stay was a little interrupted due to construction at the time but the manager was very accommodating I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again.

I have tried nasi campur in many places desperately trying to find a better one as I love it that much. Drop a comment below if you think you know a better one!

Look At The Restaurant

Getting There

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