Tara Coffee ธาราคอฟฟี่

Tara Coffee ธาราคอฟฟี่
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This is one of my favourite restaurants located in Ratchaburi. Nestled alongside the river with bean bags you can really kick back and relax and enjoy the river views. I love the way all there food is presented here at Tara, will a lot of love and passion. I would say don’t overfill on their main meals! Their desserts are amazing and you are not going to want to miss out on them.!

UPDATE– We were excited to pop back in as soon as the open-air restaurants re-opened after coveit 19 had us stuck inside for what felt like an eternity. We took Luna’s mum here for her first time and she loved it. Added some new pics for you to drool over!

Take a look at their food

Menu at Tara

Getting There

You will need a car to visit Tara Coffee.


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