Age: 2 Years (Born 2016)
Sex: Male
Mood: Defensive (1 person cat)

My neighbor across the road told me she could hear cats crying in the vacant block of land next door to my apartment.  When I went looking for the distressed cats there was 3 kittens a white, black and a ginger with no mother to be seen.  I could not leave them there to die so I took all 3 back to my apartment. I posted on Facebook needing to re-home these kittens. 1 friend took the white kitten and treated him like an angel. But unfortunately after bad health he passed away  after 5/6 months. The black one was given to another friend who I have lost contact with.

And then there was SHAREKAHN, 

He really not much of a people person other than for myself (Luna).  If anyone comes near him he lets out an enormous Roar like Sharekahn from the lion king and runs away and hides 🙂 

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