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We have Somtam, Nomtok & Super Larb. RIP Chow Koi who passed away this year (2019) of old age. Somtam & Nomtok are both Thai street dogs who are best friends. Super Larb is a pure bread pug who was a gift from a friend of ours.


Age: 3 Years (as of 2019)
Sex: Male
Mood: Friendly, Loyal
and you feel his love
Hates: Loud noises & Yelling
Loves: Playing in mud

Nomtok’s story will melt your heart. Born disabled. 2 paws that where so badly bent from birth defect forced to walk on equivalent of a humans wrists. When Luna found him, left to die from his owners she treated with anapestic his bleeding legs then bandaged his paws into a closer to normal position. Over time of constantly bandaging his feet they slowly grew into a more normal shape and is able to live a normal doggy life with us. They are far from perfect, but his has a super happy life with his best friend Somtam and plays each morning with Super Larb before he gets to go for his morning toilet break.


Age: 4 Years (as of 2019)
Sex: Female
Mood: Sweet but Jealous

Instincts: Motherly to most animals
Best Friend: Nomtok

Somtam loves to play mother. She see’s a baby animal and will nurture and protect them. Somtam also gets super Jealous when Larb plays with Nomtok. They will be playing and she will bite and hold Nomtoks back legs. Almost like she is saying ” Nomtok you only play with me” Somtam also doesn’t like Larb when he wants to play with her. She shows teeth and Larb will lick them but she doesn’t bite.

SuppaLarb (Super Larb)

Age: 1 year (as of 2019)
Sex: Male
Mood: The Boss and Care Free

Best Friend: Buddy

SuppaLarb is the boss. Well maybe in his own head. So care free and not aware of how lucky he really is as was not born on the street. Larb is loved by all and takes roost in the family home normally sleeping with one of us. He is noisy to be around especially when its hot but he is very smart and has a routine of Sitting, Laying Down followed by a shake of each hand before he eats his meal

He has had a few health problems too in his first year and half of life. With bad skin allergy’s which have found out now is allergy to some proteins. He also got an infection in his eye we think from him scratching it with his paw. His eye has recovered but there is a bit of scaring on it if you notice a blueish colour in one.

Remember the movie Milo & Otis? This is definitely is Larb and Buddys story 🙂

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