The Cat House

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A house full of love. All these cats were rescued in someway. If we couldn’t re-home them or fell in love with them here they are. Most of them are trained to use the toilet before you ask.

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Building Of The Cat House

So I out grew my apartment rooms. I had 3 rooms full of cats so I had to make a new plan. My family helped me put money together to build my dream sanctuary for my beloved kitty cats. My uncle bought the materials and proceeded to construct over many many months after work and weekends. 1st step was got the house secured and second step we finished the out door cage. Now all of our cats get along, except for 2. One lives in the family house with us as it just does not get along with any the other cats.

Part 3

Patrick was worried now we had moved all the cats from my apartments here that they did not have enough space. The outside cage was no where near finished yet and all the cats are just staring at each other on the floor.

The timing could not have come any better. One of our wardrobes in the house was falling apart. Patrick had an idea to reuse the wood and build some levels inside the cat house to give them all more space to get away from one another. We went and bought some 90 degree brackets, a drill and some fixings got out the saw and he started the next day. Over the next 3 day he designed a 3 level playground out of the recycled cupboard for the cats and they love him very much for it.

Pet Cemetery

Gone but not forgotten always in our hearts.

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