Age: about 4 years (as of 2019)
Mood: Not friendly, But not aggressive, A little independant
Best Friend: Ska

Reggae is a true survivor . Quite a sad story of some horrible people dumped 6 cats in the jungle next to my apartments. I took them home and fed them all as they where quite young and hungry. At that time I had another pregnant black street cat that always was coming to my apartment begging for food. I managed to get some money together and took the black cat to the vet and left there until had given birth. So at this time I had 7 kittens from the black cat and another 6 from the people who dumped them. The black mumma cat had enough milk to feed all 13 cats but slowly they all died one by one until the last one. Who was Reggae. The only one to survive, a true survivor!

He is now one of my strongest cats who never gets sick even if there’s some cat flu going around.

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