Malaysia Airline – Business Class

Malaysia Airline – Business Class
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So this was my 1st ever experience was Malaysia Airlines business class or on any airline. The fare was quite high this time of year being mid-January so I thought would put the Qantas points to good use. So I booked Adelaide to Bangkok over 2 flights. For some reason, Malaysian Airlines was the only airline that I could book a ticket with and pay a little extra with it in fees and taxes. I believe the one-way flight was about A$98 & 60,000 Qantas frequent flier points compare to in the hundreds in taxes with other airlines Qantas included. I dressed up in my finest basketball shorts and Baby with banana and Gorilla with Beer T-shirt for the occasion.

Anytime dining

I was quite impressed to see on the anytime dining menu an Aussie beef pie. How could I pass up that after sampling one of all the red wines and a handful of there top-shelf spirits.

Is this supposed to happen in business?

The one cheeky thing that they did do to me which probably shouldn’t happen in business class is I ordered a Stella beer. This is a beer I drink a lot of. When I received it, It tasted wrong. I hailed over the hostess and asked her if I got the correct beer. She returned with another Stella. Weird it tasted the same. I asked if I could see the bottle and the guy in charge came over and said “sorry sir we have run out of Stella today.” I thought to myself, why not just tell me that to begin with than palm me off Carlsburg. One of my least favourite beers & this is my first beer, so you mean you never had any to begin with. Oh, its so difficult flying business class 😉

The worst thing about flying business

Honestly, I reckon the worst thing about flying business class is the one time you have a perfectly flat, massage & heated chair with a blanket & eye creams to soothe the long dehydrating flight to a distant part of the world is… I didn’t sleep … I wanted to enjoy the bigger tv and comforts of being able to eat with a real set of cutlery and drink out of a fresh glass each time. None of the disposable stuff that the poor peasants in cattle class have to use.

And the conclusion is

Overall… It was the best flight I ever had. Would I shell out 5x an economy ticket? Hell yeah, but only if your paying for it.



Appetizer Mixed Sate Served and sauced by the attendants



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