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Age:about 2 years old (2016)

One morning I was outside my apartment and seen this half kilo kitty sitting all alone. She looked hungry and sickly skinny. I took her back to my apartment and nursed her back to good health..

I didn’t have the money to get her de-sexed and one day she escaped I thought nothing of it and later on realized she went on a booty call. Now she is the mother to Loonie & Party.(who passed away young to bad health) I wanted to re-home them but I could see how much love there was between them all and didn’t have the heart to. They all moved to my cat house. Before that they never seen any other animal or person other than me. But they now are all now very friendly and get along with every one. Although since Loonie & Party passed away some of the other cats seems to not like Voivoy very much.

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