Condoms & Cabbages Restaurant Bangkok

Condoms & Cabbages Restaurant Bangkok

Condoms & Cabbages has to be one of my favourite restaurants in Bangkok! Such a unique quirky theme. Yet the food is to die for. My personal favourites are the purple dumplings. I always try and make a stop here on a trip to Bangkok. The prices are a little high, But the proceeds go to a good cause. Quite possibly the only restaurant to give you a condom instead of an after-dinner mint! They have a gift shop that you can buy some bizarre condom related merchandise. Or just walk around after a meal and meet Santa Condom Clause and the other Condom made hosts. This place is so condom crazy even the light shades are made of them. The restaurant’s motto is “our food won’t make you pregnant”

The food at Condoms & Cabbages

What more could you ask for when dining other than to be served over a table full of frangers. Let’s just pray they are unused.


Getting there


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