Black Jack

Black Jack

Age: 5-6 Years
Sex: Male
Mood: Charming

​He was found on facebook on a post  needing to rehome him. I knew the people quite well so I gave them a call

When I first met BlackJack he was so skinny. The people trying to rehome him found him roaming on the toll way stopped and picked him up for his own safety of being hit by a car.

I gave him a nice big feed as he looked like has not eaten in a while and he struggled to eat just eating a few mouth fulls. As soon as he ate he had diarrhea and made my other cats sick.  I took him and my other cats to the Vet to check whats wrong  and the doctor explained to me that BlackJack has FIV (Cat Aids) and that I will have to seperate him from my other cats. I seperated him for a day in a seperate cage but I feel so upset watching Blackjack looking so sad. I felt like he was saying to me “what did I do wrong, Why am I all alone, She doesn’t love me either “

All my cats are rescue cats and its impossible to seperate them. They dont roam free they have there own sanctuary so there is no risk of them infecting other animals, I only had him tested but theres a high possibility the other cats have also.

They have a better life now. Thats all that mattters to me living out there days well fed having a great life


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